Social Media, Activism, and Organisations (#SMAO15)


6 November 2015



08:00 – 09:00



09:00 – 09:20

#SMAO15 Chair: Dhiraj Murthy (@dhirajmurthy), Goldsmiths, University of London



PLENARY SESSION – Social Movements,
Social Media, and Organizations: Trends, Directions,  and Futures

09:20 – 11:40


Jen Schradie. Don’t Throw the Organizational Baby out with the Bathwater: How Structured Social Movement Groups Increase Social Media Activism

Paul Levy. Social media, social innovation and digital distraction

Alison Powell. Memes, Frames, and Organizations: Social and mass media in the global protests against SOPA and ACTA

Natalie Fenton. Left Out? Bringing radical politics in from the cold

David Karpf. The Analytics Floor and the Analytics Ceiling: Digital Challenges for Expanding the Scope of Social Movement Power

Chair: Dhiraj Murthy



11:40 -12:00

Provided in the foyer area outside of PSH LG02




Main Panel – Networks: PSH LG02

Tijs van den Broek, Ariana Need, Michel Ehrenhard, Anna Priante and Djoerd Hiemstra. The Influence of Prosocial Norms and Online Network Structure on Prosocial Behavior: An Analysis of Movember’s Twitter Campaign in 24 Countries

Panayiota Tsatsou. The role of social media in informal aspects of the organisation of civic activism: Lessons from the role of Facebook in the Sunflower Movement

Veronica Dawson. Friends, Ambassadors, Haters, Oh My! A Typology Of Social Networking Communities And Their Role In Organizational Identity Co-Construction

Tom Liacas. Innovations in networked movement building: Distributed activism as practiced by and Hollaback!

Chair: Veronica Barassi


Parallel Panel 1 – Russia/Ukraine : PSH 302

Anatoliy Gruzd. The Use of Twitter during the 2014 Crisis in Ukraine: A Tale of Three Languages

Anastasia Denisova. Hybrid Warfare: Russian Social Media’s Creative Response to the Information War in the Crimean Crisis

Tetyana Lokot. The Affordances of ICTs for Mobilizing and Managing Volunteer Efforts During a Protest: The Case of Ukraine’s Euromaidan

Chair/Discussant: Jennifer Earl


Parallel Panel 2  Practice, artistic, and applied  : PSH 305 

Victoria Ohaeri. Spaces for Change’s Digitivism:Democratizing Organizational Structures via Social Media

Alberto Cossu. Organizing relations in artistic social movements: the case of Macao (Milano)

Constance Kampf. Activists Engaged in the Cultural Production of New Forms of Practice Supported by Social Media at the Interfaces between Business and Society

Jules Rochielle Sievert and B. Stephen Carpenter Ii. Navigating the Thirdspace

Chair: Paul Levy



13:15 – 14:00

New Cross is home to many lunch options. There is a cafe on the ground floor of the PSH building.




Prof. Jennifer Earl, University of Arizona

“Organizing The Next Generation: Youth Engagement with Activism Inside and Outside of Organizations”




15:10 -16:30

Main Panel –  Organizational Communication and Networks : PSH LG02

Hjalmar Bang Carlsen, Andreas Birkbak and Anders Koed Madsen. Political Dysmetropsia – Activist tactics in the (under)formatted world of social media

Mircea Ioan Gherghina. “Ellen Pao is evil”. An inquiry into the collective discourse of Reddit backlash

Joan Donovan. After the #Keyword: The Virtual Organization of Networked Social Movements

Tetyana Lokot, Dmytro Karamshuk, Oleksandr Pryymak and Nishanth Sastry. Frames and Buzzwords: Dynamics of Information Flows on Social Media During Mass Protests

Chair: Jen Schradie


Parallel Panel 1 – Case Studies : PSH 302

Eleni-Revekka Staiou, Evika Karamagioli and Dimitris Gouscos. Social media use by self-organized social solidarity initiatives in Greece

Manos Hatzimalonas. Philotimo: a case of turning social research into social movement

Leocadia Diaz Romero. Democracy, New Media and Social Actors in Contemporary Spanish Politics

Stefania Vicari. Social Media, Patient Organisations, and Organisationally-enabled Connective Action

Chair: Alison Powell


Parallel Panel 2 –  Advocacy, activism, and protest : PSH 305 

James Losey. Digital Media Repertoires in Public Policy Advocacy

Meredydd Williams, Helena Webb, William Housley et al. “We have much more fighting to do”: Analysis of twitter-based online campaigns

Neil Ketchley and Jalal Imran. Using video footage uploaded to social media to study protest

David Bates and Emma Pole. Social Media and Radical Activism: The Space of Bio-politics

Chair: Natalie Fenton



16:30 – 16:40

Provided in the foyer area outside of PSH LG02



16:40 – 18:00

Main Panel – Case Studies: PSH LG02

Dan Mercea, Duygu Karatas, Marco Bastos, and Eylem Yanardağoğlu. Protest Persistence: The Endurance of Twitter Communication in the Face of the Crackdown on Occupy Gezi

Brooke Foucault Welles and Sarah Jackson. The Networked Battle for #Baltimore: Framing Urban Unrest after Ferguson

Laura Smith and Jeff Gavin. The online scaffolding of the Occupy Wall Street movement

Doug Specht. Gold. Power. Protest.

Chair: Kate Nash


Parallel Panel  –  Egypt : PSH 305

Hani Morsi. The subversive power of memes in network-mediated political discourses in post-2011 Egypt

Deena Abul Fottouh. Solidarity or Schism: Ideological Congruence and the Egyptian activists’ Twitter networks

Atef Said. The Virtual Making of Tahrir: Social Media and the Egyptian Revolution of 2011

Chair: David Karpf



18:00 – 19:00

#SMAO15 Chair: Dhiraj Murthy, Goldsmiths, University of London

In the foyer area outside of PSH LG02



18:30 – 19:00

Activism on the Web: Everyday Struggles against Digital Capitalism by Veronica Barassi.

Prof. Natalie Fenton will be discussing the book followed by Q&A with the author.


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